About us


Dear Classic-Car Enthusiast

It says if someone is into old cars he has gasoline in his blood. Maybe that could be right. Since twenty years we are driving old cars and maintaining these. We are be seen very often at classic-car- meetings and rallies.

In the meantime every old car enthusiast know from the web, where he can get parts for his classic. But from where you can get original oil-formulas, batteries and the classic wear outfits? Thats difficult we guess!

This is the reason for the classic-oil.ch web-page. We have collect all important and necessary informations about products for maintaining classic-, and race-cars. We decided to bring this products in to our shop, that every classic enthusiast can benefit from this products.

Our expirience showed us, that modern products-formulas can make damages on the sealents of the engine and the gas tank. The old original formulas we use garantees the absolutly compatibility of old or restored materials. There is a high risk with conventional products. We tried new formulas and the disappointment was heavy. For us it gives only one choice of products, original formulas.

The original formulas are not expensiver than conventional products. The benefit of original formulas is that they have no ill additives that damages your classic. The only thing you have to do is to use it. Visit our shop.

If you have any specific question please write us an e-mail and we are glad to help you.

Enjoy your shopping-tour.

Best Regards

Classic-Oil Team