The real classic batteries are the black solid rubber-case batteries from Levo, with power from 66 to 120 Amp. They are used in classic cars and motorcycle. From 6 to 12 V you have the choice of different dimension for your classic. Outside are the Levo batteries traditional and inside equipped with the newest technology.

Select a battery

Do you need a 6 or 12 V battery? If you have 3 chambers to fill the battery you have a 6 V, if you have 6 chambers you have a 12 V battery. Take the dimension of your battery tray. length x width x height. Go to our shop and select the correct voltage and dimension. Mostly with the right dimension the power is also ok. If you have the choice of different amp. power see in your technical data witch is correct.


You can also decide for more amp. power. Classic cars are mostly not daily drivers and the batteries are often not used and have not always the full power. In the classic car engines are used single type oils. They have only the right consistency at working temperature of the engine. That means, you have to get a lot of power for your starter to turn you cold engine, even in cold weather. You will be glad to have a battery with extra power in that case. More power that's the key!

Battery Shipping

The batteries we ship for Switzerland are filled and ready charged excluding recycling fee in advance. We charge Fr. 2.-/Euro 1.30 per batterie. For technical reasons we can ship only by truck. The actual shipping is CHF 48.-/Euro 30.-. We can only ship unfilled to other countries, please ask by e-mail for the correct shipping rate.

Important Info: At the moment there are extreme high prices for plump at the market and we have to charge an extra fee for this period of time of Fr. 0,06 per Ah. We thank you for your understanding.